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how to create a content strategy for your Online brand

An Online Video Based Course That Teaches You How to Strategize, Create and Distribute Your Content For Your Online Brand.

what you will learn

Here’s an overview of the lessons that will be covered on how to create a content strategy for your online brand

Lesson 1 : How to Get the Most out of this Course

  • What to expect: Each lesson will include strategies as well as the different tools, tactics and/or takeaways that will help you execute those strategies.

Lesson 2 : Defining Your Online Brand Goals

  • How to create specific and measurable goals for your online brand.
  • Understanding AAARRR Pirate Metrics to leverage your Personal Brand (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral).

Lesson 3 : Decide What Subject To Talk About

  • How to choose a topic and get going. Applying the Three P’s Method (Passion, Purpose & Practicality).
  • How to survey what is being written about your subject online.

Lesson 4 : Identifying Your Target Audience

  • How to Identify your target audience or audiences.
  • Creating audience personas for each target audience.

Lesson 5 : Creating Content Prompts Using Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to research who’s searching for topics you write / record / talk about and turn it into content prompts.
  • Creating a content roadmap and calendar.

Lesson 6 : Creating Your Content & Choosing a Format

  • Choosing a format that best suits YOU (Written, Video or Audio) and the advantages and tips on each one of the mediums.
  • How to create your pillar or cornerstone piece of content.
  • How to create multiple pieces of micro content from each pillar or cornerstone content.

Lesson 7 : How to Manage and Distribute your Content

  • Deciding which social media platforms are best for my brand.
  • Learn the best times to post for each social media platform.
  • Creating a social media schedule to distribute your content to create consistency & tools to help manage your social media content.

Lesson 8 : How to Measure Results

  • Deciding on where to send your audience and how to capture their information based on your Brand Goals.
  • Discover different tools to measure results.
  • How to track, measure and read results to optimize audience & content.
  • Using target audiences to help initiate a paid media strategy on Facebook & Instagram

Carlo Navarro


Hi I’m Carlo. I’m an entrepreneur, content creator and digital marketer. 16 years of startup experience led me to work at IGN.com, Apple, and speak at SXSW Music, and launch a couple tech startups.

My passion is helping others launch their brand and ideas. I’m excited to launch this course to help you take your personal brand to the next level!

Join the vip beta launch cohort

We’re introducing a limited group of 20 students to be a part of the Beta Launch Cohort. Here’s what you’ll get by enrolling. The following are only offered with the VIP Beta Launch Cohort.

One-on-One Coaching & Content Sessions

Get (1) one-hour personal coaching & content session. Work one-on-one with Carlo to refine your content strategy and goals.

Group Coaching Sessions

The cohort will receive (3) 1-hour online group sessions for feedback, coaching and Q&A via online webinar led by Carlo.

Private Slack or Facebook Group

Throughout the course, get access to the entire cohort for collaboration, communication and a lasting network of content creators.


Why a Beta Launch Cohort?

Before we take this course public, I wanted to give a core group of students early access to the material and personal access for one-on-one coaching for being a part of the beta group. My goal is to give a highly valuable experience with unique access that won’t be offered when the course goes public. Transparently, I’m also looking for a group of students to give honest feedback to make this course better before we hit the big official​ launch.

Do I get anything special for joining the beta cohort?

Of course you do! Check out what you’ll get.

  • Only the beta course will receive live one-on-one sessions with myself as your personal brand coach. Once this course goes public, there will NOT be live access to coaching.
  • (3) online live group sessions with the cohort via webinar.
  • (1) Two-hour personal coaching / content session with Carlo.
  • Invitation to a private Slack or Facebook Group for on-going communication with the other students as well as Carlo.
When will the course launch?

Once we reach the maximum capacity of students, the course will officially open 30 days after final registration. The course will remain open and students will have open access to the course and all other special access until they complete the course.

How long will the course take?

The beta course is slightly different because I’ll be working closely with the group and individuals during the course. I anticipate the course will take a few weeks to complete in addition to scheduling the group and one-on-one sessions.

Otherwise, all public courses are to be taken at your own pace.

Will the beta launch course cost anything?

Yes, the course will cost $199 for a one-time course fee. So you’ll not only get course access, but the additional personal coaching / content sessions, private group chats and live communication. Once the course is public, the course will cost $399 with NO personal content coaching or extras, just the course access.

*NOTE: If we do NOT get 20 students to join the beta launch course, you will be refunded 100% for the cost of the course. We will only get the course launched if we get 10 students to join. 


Ready to Join?

Reserve your spot for the limited group of 20 students to be a part of the Beta Launch Cohort. Registration is open from May 08 – May 29, 2019. 

$399 $199/one time course fee

(You will be taken to PayPal to complete registration)

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